Pain-Free by Limiting the following Foods to Avoid Uric Acid

Gout sufferers can experience pain in the joint area when the level of uric acid in the blood increases. Rising levels can be caused by certain types of food. What are gout abstinence foods? Here goes the explanation! One of the causes of increased uric acid levels is eating foods containing purines. So, to avoid discomfort, such as pain in the joints, the owner of high uric acid or gout must limit the consumption of food with these substances. List of Uric Acid Foods Here are some types of abstinence foods that must be limited consumption or as much as possible avoided, because they contain high purines: Offal For this type of food, you are advised to stay away because offal such as liver and other internal organs, has the highest purine content. Seafood or seafood Do you like seafood? From now on try to limit consumption, because seafood is rich in purines. The types of seafood that are taboo for people with high uric acid include shellfish, salted fish, anchovies, s
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